Experience woven into Light

LEDSTREET is a company that combines the best Estonian experts with the world’s leading components into smart and flexible LED light solutions.

LEDSTREET lights only use the best components:
LED chips from
Cree, Optics from Ledil and Power supply units from Mean Well.

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LEDSTREET’s new modular LED lights system is up to 70% more energy efficient compared to the currently prevailing halogen lights. The LEDSTREET system has a 5-6 times longer life span, a significantly lower maintenance need, it’s nature friendly with a minimal light pollution. All LEDSTREET systems come with

a 5-year warranty. To make your lighting solution even smarter, you can add our smart control system which will lower your running and maintenance costs even further. Clever!

Return of investment for 1000 points of light

at the average Scandinavian city street

Energy consumption per 1000 points of light


Wireless control and smart monitoring solutions are available for all LEDSTREET products




HST - High Pressure Sodium-Tubular

LED - Light Emitting Diode

SmartLED System




Ball-joint fixtures

for creating your

unique atmosphere

Branch is an award winning dynamic luminaire concept of light traffic roads, yard areas and marinas by KEHA 3 designer Margus Triibmann. The number of elements in the crown can be varied based on the goals of lighting solution. Single elements of the luminaire can be freely directed with the ball-joints. Branch luminaires are suitable for custom as well as standard street light poles.


Photometrically measured

for the DIALux calculations

From 26 of October until 14 of November 2012 LED Street LLC was supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) to develop a Service- and Communication Strategy. Co-financing to this project comes from the European Union Regional Development Fund.

9. juulist 2012, 30. juunini 2013 aitas LED LAMP OÜ-l põhivara soetada ning tootenäidiseid valmistada Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja stardi- ja kasvutoetuse programm.

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